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Law as a driving force

29 November 2023

Abonnement payant sans pub : la "pirouette ratée" de Meta pour se conformer au RGPD

Le 27 octobre, le European Data Protection Board (EDPB) a pris une décision urgente et contraignante pour demander à l’autorité de contrôle irlandaise de prendre des mesures définitives sous 2 semaines à l’encontre de Meta afin d’interdire toute publicité comportementale sans le consentement exprès de l’utilisateur. Cette interdiction s’applique à tout l’Espace économique européen, soit […]

12 July 2023

The digital revolution demands clear rules for citizens.

I had the opportunity to express my thoughts on the online fundraiser set up in the name of the police officer’s family in this tragic case where young Nahel was killed following a failure to comply. A staggering 1,635,710 euros were collected on the GoFundMe platform in just a few days! The description of the […]

19 June 2023

The European Parliament's vote on the AI Act

Another step towards the adoption by the European Union of pioneering regulation worldwide. To learn more

23 May 2023

Lex Inside of May 23, 2023.

Constantin Pavléas participates in the Lex Inside show on May 23, 2023, discussing the French government’s ban on TikTok and other recreational applications on government employees’ devices.

23 May 2023

ChatGPT: What are the dangers to our privacy?

Constantin Pavléas answers questions from the newspaper Le Point regarding the issues raised by ChatGPT concerning the protection of personal data and the responses provided by the European regulation project, the IA Act. To learn more

30 November 2022

Cyril Kongo for Pavleas Avocats

We are happy to share with you the video of the artist Cyril Kongo « in action » creating the artwork for Pavleas Avocats. Enjoy!

30 June 2022

Réseaux sociaux : vers un espace digital plus sûr en Europe ?

C’est un rachat qui a fait couler beaucoup d’encre la semaine dernière : celui de Twitter par le milliardaire Elon Musk. L’homme le plus riche au monde souhaite se servir de cette plateforme pour défendre la liberté d’expression à travers le monde. Un rachat mis en perspective avec l’adoption en Europe du Digital Services Act, […]

30 June 2022

Elon Musk rachète Twitter, explications avec Constantin Pavléas

Retrouvez l’émission « Politique sous influence » sur Sud Radio Lien de l’article

Pavleas Avocats is an independent law firm specializing in digital law, data privacy and intellectual property for more than 20 years.

We partner with our clients to provide our legal expertise for businesses of all sizes, including start-ups, small and medium enterprises, and listed companies.

Niche expertise

Niche expertise with over 20 years of experience.

We are a boutique law firm with expertise that is centred on digital law and business development. We have been at the forefront of the rapidly evolving arena of digital law, which has now grown to permeate all market segments. Our experience is valuable as we bring a unique perspective with both background knowledge and foreground insight in the continuous development of this area of law.


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In the rapidly growing arena of technology law, being ‘small’ is our strength.

Our size allows us to be nimble, creative and close to our clients. Each of our clients is a VIP in the eyes of our team. We form long-term relationships with many of our clients as we have a wealth of experience and understand their technology and businesses. We establish trust by listening to our clients and teaming with them to provide standardized solutions or design tailored tools that best fit their needs. We interact with the C-suite on strategy and work in the field to assist our clients’ operations. 


International footprint

We are involved in international strategic issues; we are where our clients are.

We are a culturally diverse team of lawyers that understand the needs of our international clients. Our lawyers represent four nationalities and operate with fluency in three languages.  Our team practices inclusivity, bringing a creative and open vision of the legal profession. Experienced in international operations, Pavleas Avocats provides 75% of its services for international deals.


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Law as a driving force

We do more than just practice law!

We are committed to our profession and contribute societally by shaping the next generation of lawyers in digital law at HEAD Law School in Paris, France, while also voicing our positions in our areas of expertise on multiple media platforms, including television, radio, podcast, social media, journals and newspapers.


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